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The wait is finally over. After years of developing ultrasound systems for research, FUJIFILM SonoSite is pleased to introduce the Vevo® MD – Powered by FUJIFILM VisualSonics, the world’s first ultra high-frequency ultrasound system for routine clinical use.

Ultra high-frequency means the highest resolution medical ultrasound available today. This ground breaking development opens up new possibilities for medical imaging that have never been seen before. Whether you're imaging tiny infants in the neonatal ward, detecting the tiniest of suspicious lesions, or monitoring the subtle changes in blood flow in the major arteries of the body, the Vevo MD produces unparalleled image resolution. Resolution as fine as 30 µm. Yes, 30 µm. That is less than half the size of a grain of sand.

Imagine the potential of such a ground-breaking technology and its impact on the medical field to see what has never been seen before. When it comes to patient care and uncovering the smallest and most detailed information, the Vevo MD is simply the most revolutionary ultrasound technology to come along in decades. VisualSonics designed this latest system because we care, because we can and simply because Seeing More Matters.

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  • Visualize tiny anatomy not visible with conventional ultrasound
  • Experience a user-friendly customizable touchscreen interface, to improve workflow and reduce examination times
  • Utilize a range of highly advanced UHF transducers, designed for the smallest of patients, Up to 70 mhz
  • Champion new medical breakthroughs by using cutting edge technology

Applications include...

Neonatology & Pediatrics

Small patients require small transducers with great resolution.The Vevo MD is designed to the smallest of patients with the greatest details and resolution possible.
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The Vevo MD was designed specifically with vascular applications in mind. The ultra high frequency resolution allows for visualization of the smallest vascular anatomy imaginable.
Read more.

Small Parts

Small anatomy requires high resolution to be properly visualized. The Vevo MD can be used to image a variety of small parts including nerves, hand transplants and more. Read more.


Musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging involves study of the many superficial targets often within the first 3 cm of the skin surface and are ideal targets for ultra high frequency ultrasound. Read more.


Imaging the skin layer is often difficult with conventional ultrasound. The Vevo MD is the world’s first system designed specifically for imaging superficial anatomy. Read more.

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